Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Over

School's out.

I remember that day so well- the day that Christmas vacation started. The anticipation of Santa Claus coming, coupled with the reality that school wasn't in session for two entire weeks, made for one happy girl.

And- one happy adult.

I was just as thrilled for those Christmas vacations when I taught school. By the middle of December my students were ready for a break and I was ready for a break.

And I am still just as thrilled for my own kids. No school until NEXT YEAR. Well- it's just two weeks, but still, no school is great. No reading logs, no rushing to get Word Study completed, no squeezing in playtime- just a good, solid two weeks of kids being kids.

Ri had her program on Wednesday. She started out strong and then faded, even crying when she was finally able to come get me at the end. She claimed she 'wanted me' and that's why she cried. Who the hell knows. It was cute though.

Ri and her friends: Kaitlyn, Emelia, Maryann and Brooke.

Ri and her teachers: Mrs. Muth and Miss Ashley.

Jack had his program on Thursday night. It was amazing. He did awesome and I have to agree with Jack: the new music teacher at Antioch is a rock star.

A few photo ops before J's program:

Jack sang his heart out!

Until next time....

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