Monday, December 20, 2010

By the Numbers....

6... days until Christmas

1 month and 6 days.... until I am officially in my 'late 30's'

2... kids with coughs in our house

1.2 seconds... length of time it took Jack to chug his cough medicine- he didn't want to be outdone by his sister- who took approximately 1.8 seconds to down hers

6... approximate number of the glasses of wine I consumed last night.

4... number of hours I would have LIKED to have napped this afternoon

0... number of hours I actually napped

1.20.11... date Swisher is officially ready to be ours

300... guesstimate of the number of hours I have spent over the years watching Survivor

12.... number of people waiting on line to just get IN to the Apple store at the mall today--- thankfully I had an appointment

2... number of teeth Jack has loose - same number he's had since August

12... hours I hope the kids sleep tonight - wishful thinking

2... days until we go to the beach

Until next time...

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