Thursday, November 4, 2010

This's and That's

Lots on my mind these days. Nothing too pressing, just some things...

Riley has been super tough lately. Seems the word NO means "let me just beg and plead and ask over and over again until I drive my mom apesh*t crazy." It's really draining, bantering back and forth with a four year old many times a day. Don't get me wrong- I could have a terminally ill child or a special needs child- a road we have been so fortunate to not venture down as parents- yet I do feel drained lately. It seems to me that it takes a lot more energy to 'be mean' that 'be nice.'

I swear- if she'd just listen the first time I say no we'd be all honky dory- or whatever that term is. Plus- she's been mean to a friend at school and I cannot or WILL NOT tolerate that type of behavior.

But I know it's not that easy.

On June 29, 2006 I birthed a viciously head-strong, fiercely independent baby girl. Now- I find myself, over four years later, second guessing my parenting with her. Things have almost always been easy with Jack. He's gentle, sweet, kind, listens and genuinely cares about the well-being of others. He's the kind of kid that will stick up for someone being bullied. Riley- she's the kind of kid that will do the bullying. I cannot believe I just wrote those words.......


I am at a loss. She could care less about time-outs. Spanking is just a quick fix and doesn't mean squat to her. There are literally NO toys that I could take away from her that she gives two-rips about, even her DS and American Girl Doll. If they disappeared for a few days she wouldn't know the difference.

So- it looks like we have to venture down the behavior chart path. I seriously cannot stand those things. I never used one when I taught and the thought has never once crossed my path to use one for Jack. We'll see if it works for Riley at school. She needs something to motivate her to be nice and respectful.

I think I'm also going to research some books to read about raising strong-willed girls. Maybe I'll write one myself when it's all said and done.

There is hope though: today she had one of her best friends over and she was incredibly nice. I made sure to point out numerous times how proud I was of her for being so kind. I know she can do it- there is a sweet little girl in there somewhere. I just wish she'd show her face more often.

On a lighter note, Jack's doing great in school. I can't remember if I wrote a while back about this but he was one of eight 1st graders picked to work with the academically gifted teacher once a week for reading. They meet on Tuesdays and read short stories and discuss what they're reading. He enjoys it. And- I found out today that he was also picked to work with a math enrichment teacher once a week. We are super proud of Jack. He's a little scholar and I could not be happier. It just makes things that much easier for him as he grows up.

A funny little thing about Jack: He's always playing with some type of ball. Most of the time it's a baseball, sometimes it's a basketball or golf ball but lately he's been tossing around the football and fiddling with his new lacrosse stick and balls. When he's indoors he'll happen upon a bouncy ball or nerf ball or small blow-up beach ball and pretend he's 'pitching' and chuck it into the wall. Thank God those kind don't make indentations. Well- tonight I was reading to Ri and I kept hearing: thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. I walked into our room where Jack was in the shower chucking a rubber ball into the tiles! That kid never stops.

In just a few short weeks a sweet Goldendoodle named Palin will give birth to her second litter of puppies. We are very fortunate to have been given the FIRST PICK of the males! Palin's first litter looked like this. We met the mommy and daddy dog a few weeks ago and they are both just gorgeous. Personally I cannot wait for our newest addition to come home in January. As of now- his name is going to be Swisher. In honor of this dude. Go figure! We find ourselves saying, "We can't wait to meet Swisher." Or "Where will Swishie sleep Mom?" Fun times ahead for us.

But we do know that no dog will ever replace our sweet Bear Bear. I still think of him quite a bit and miss his presence in the house. Here's a picture of Kody as a puppy. I must have scanned this into an old computer and then copied it onto an old disc I recently ran across.

I can't wait for another puppy in our house- they're lots of work but we're ready for it.

And our sweet dog just two short months before Jack was born! My how time flies.

Until next time...

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