Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some things never change

I am so incredibly thankful that I have my blog as a written record. It tells the stories of our lives: funny, sad, intriguing, silly, stupid, heart-warming, ridiculous, depressing, etc.

Like for instance- I have a written record of Riley's shenanigans. One day I'll compile a sweet little book for my future son-in-law to peruse at his leisure, making sure he knows what he's getting in to!

I read back from two years ago and it seems like de-ja-vu. Let's take a look. Remember- all of these snippets were written in November of 2008.

She woke at 5:00 this a.m. This is not because she went to bed at 5:30 last night, but because it has become a pattern since the time change. It's got to stop. Seriously.

Update: She's not waking up quite as early anymore- but still- her sleeping patterns are nothing to brag about.


Ri was banging away in her chair in the playroom watching Mickey Mouse. I was sitting w/ them, finishing the Sunday paper, and then came downstairs to help Todd w/ dinner. About ten minutes later Jack whispers down the stairs, "Mommy - Ri's asleep." So I quietly moved her tiny little self into her bed, turned on her noisemaker and left her to slumber. She will be up super early- I would assume by 5:30- but oh well. What do you do? I am not surprised. Ri was up at 5:23 this a.m. Not an unusual time for her since the time change. We've had two weeks of super early risers. Jack stayed in his bed until about 6:10- only because we made Ri stay in our room and shut our door so he couldn't hear her loudness.

Update: Ri still watches Mickey Mouse. She's not a big TV watcher- maybe 2-3 shows a week, but if given a choice- she'll pick a Mickey.


Conversation I just had w/ Ri:

Ri: Mommy- I wanna take my pretty dress off.

Me: Why?

Ri: 'Cause i want something better?

Oh really- b/c that beautiful dress I just got you from Gymboree isn't good enough?

She's upstairs slamming her dresser drawers open and shut. I better go see what she's doing.
We compromised. She wanted to wear shorts so I threw some tights on her and then her shorts. Looks funny, but not to a two year old.

Update: Ri STILL loves to look pretty and wear dresses. In fact, as soon as she came home from school today she wanted to rip her jeans off and put on a dress. I told her if she slept all night w/o peeing in her pull-up I'd go buy her a dress. She likes clothes more than toys. Go figure.


So- after her one hour nonsense from 1:30-2:30 last night I decided to take her in this afternoon, thinking she might have an ear infection or something. The weird thing is she wakes up feeling just fine. It turns out she has strep throat. WHAT? OK- so now we have an antibiotic and she's pumped full of Motrin. Maybe she'll sleep tonight.

Update: It's hard to believe but she still wakes up almost every night. She's getting better about calling for me- I think it's just when she pees- she has to get up and change her pull-up. I just wish she'd wake up- go in the toilet and crawl back in her cozy bed. A girl can dream, can't she?


She's in her bed, snoozing for an hour and a half already. She should. She woke a few times last night. She has a cold and is always a nightmare at night when she doesn't feel 100%

Update: Still waking.....


I was on the phone w/ my friend this afternoon and Ri called for me a couple of times. I ignored her. I guess she was mad b/c she took a black crayon and colored all over the spare room door and wall in the hallway. I popped her bottom- put her in time out- and busted out a Magic Eraser. Thankfully it was wipeable.

Update: No update- just a typical Ri story. She still tries to get away w/ things if I'm on the phone.

On the flip side I am immensely proud of Riley- she's been such a good girl at school since her not-so-nice episode a couple of weeks ago. Her teacher and I are doing a two-week behavior chart and she's gotten a sticker every singled day~!!! Go Riley.

Ri from two years ago:

Until next time...

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