Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today marks the very.last.day of November. Hello. Where did 2011 go? It seems every year right after Christmas I say to myself- "Wow- it seems like such a long way away until the holiday season comes around again." And yet here we are, December a mere hours away.

And I find myself saying now: "How long again until it's beach weather?" But- we all know it will be here before we know it.

We have all of our Christmas decorations up. Todd cussed his way through hanging lights on the bushes once again. He does this every year and EVERY year he swears he's going to cut the holly bushes down. This year he REALLY SWEARS he's cutting those prickly things down. I have a feeling they'll still be up next year when he hangs the lights.

Riley and her best pal Addy were playing school this afternoon. Here are a few things I overheard:
"If you be super duper good I'll give you a prize."
"If you be bad you have to go see Dr. Marc and then go see the principal and then he will put you in jail."
"Let me show you how to write your name Addy."
"Riley - my name has TWO D's."

I have so not even started on my holiday cookie baking yet. Todd and I have an annual tradition of making cookies and giving them to our friends. I am way behind this year. Oops.

Heading to NYC on Thursday to meet up with Todd for two nights. He's there for his annual conference and I'm joining him again this year. We are super excited to see some good friends Thursday night and their new baby. We'll spend Friday being tourists and head back south early Friday.

Almosts done Christmas shopping. Yipee. Only big things left for kids and a few odds/ends for other people. I found this super cool website called www.uncommongoods.com . It has the neatest stuff that you would normally not find anywhere else.

One more thought- our newest addition to our family is set to be born the first week of December. When the puppies are four weeks old we'll be able to pick our puppy. We cannot wait. Good luck to Palin and her puppies to be!

Until next time...

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