Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wildcats and Dodgers

Another busy weekend in the Milligan household.

Friday night we trekked down to Columbia to watch Uncle Craig's University of Kentucky Wildcats Women's Volleyball team play at USC. It's a weird feeling to be at a sporting event of my alma mater but actually cheering on the opponent. This is the one and only time I'll cheer against the Gamecocks.

I should have been cheering for the Gamecocks because they smoked Kentucky. It wasn't even close and I felt really bad for Craig.

But we had fun none the less.

Ri spent a good part of the night like this:

And hiding behind the program:

She was hiding from him:

We all know good and well she is not a fan of mascots.

But she could have also been hiding from this dude:

No clue who he is but he's been at everysinglefreakingvolleyballgame that we've been to over the years. He is obnoxious. He stands in the front of the bleachers and stomps his feet, yells for the Gamecocks and brings along his brood of weird offspring. No lie.

But- I guess you gotta give the man some credit. He's passionate about the Gamecocks :).

We watched the girls warming up:

And then stayed for the entire defeat.

Fuzzy picture but kinda like it.

Saturday morning Jack's team played against the ONLY undefeated team in the league. And we beat them. 10-7. It was sweet revenge for us because we were told that Jack would be drafted on to that team and he wasn't. So here we are, the last game of the regular season, and we beat them. Jack played his little heart out at shortstop most of the game.

Todd and I could not be prouder of him.

We start a double elimination tournament on Wednesday.

We're hoping to meet the Yankees again in the championship game and hand them another LOSS.

Go Dodgers.

Saturday afternoon we spent a few hours outside.

Ri found some random stuff around the garage to play with.

Item #1: a used flag.

Item # 2: a tee and a mini-basketball.

Item #3: some water balloon shells.

And of course Jack played baseball with his Dad. God forbid he do anything else....

And Ri enjoyed her solitude with her random toys.

Until next time...

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The Wife of a Fisherman said...

The man that attends ALL of the gamecock sporting events is known as "gamecock jesus" haha :)

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