Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ridin' in Style

In Jack's words:

Today I am at Donatos. First I rode in a lim-
o to get to Donatos.
Next we arived at Don-
atos. Then we waited
for the pizza. We
colerd while we wher
waiting for the pizz-
a. Then the pizza
was hear. I had four in-
a half pieces of piz-

Back story:

Our school does a lot of fundraising. A LOT. One of the fundraisers is a straight up capital campaign called Invest-in-a-Child. For every $50 donated your name gets thrown into a pot to win a limo ride with the principal and lunch at Donatos.

Jack's adorable little friend Kelsey was one of the lucky 8 winners. And- lo and behold she picked Jack. I was shocked when her mom emailed me to tell me that her daughter wanted to take Jack. I guess it does pay off to be nice to the ladies. :)) And if he WAS to have a lady friend at this tender young age of 7 I would be happy if it were Kelsey. Just sayin'.

So last night and this morning Todd and I drilled quite a few reminders into him:

1) Use your manners.
2) Wipe w/ your napkin, not your shirt.
3) Look Mr. Hoover in the eye when he talks to you.
4) Make sure you sit next to Kelsey- she did pick you.
5) Chew with your mouth closed.

I hear it went really well and Jack even read his story to Mr. Hoover. (I guess they were all asked to 'write' a small moment story after they ate). I guess he also talked shop to Mr. Hoover about the Yankees to (they both are big fans). I asked him what he said to Mr. Hoover about the Yankees and he said, "Mom- I told him they ROCK."


I spend the better part of the day smiling for Jack. What a great experience for him.

Until next time...

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