Wednesday, September 15, 2010

176 Uses for an iPhone (or any Smart Phone for that matter)

One of the most pathetic things about my life is how much my I use my phone. It's a bit ridiculous and a bit embarrassing. It's not like I have some high profile job or anything, I just volunteer quite a bit and my kids are super busy. My phone keeps me organized.

I really am not sure what I did before cell phones. How on Earth did I keep in touch with people? I certainly never use my home phone anymore. In fact- if I see the light blinking that we have a VM it might be a day or two before I ever check it. Chances are it's a Dr. appt. reminder or automated call of some sort.

But, I really do use my phone for important things. I promise.

For instance:

1. The calendar. No need for a paper calendar anymore. It's all on my phone. Which means it's all on my computer. They're synced together. Again- what the hell did I do the first 35 years of my life without a digital calendar that texts me reminders? Seriously.

2. Music. No need for a separate iPod in my car anymore. Just plug the phone into the car and away we go.

3. Music. What's even MORE pathetic is how fast it is to download music. I remember saving my allowance or using my babysitting money to buy cassette tapes or eventually CD's when I started college. It would sometimes take me a couple of weeks to earn enough to buy that new Madonna CD. It would take hours and hours to create a Mix Tape for my friends in college.

Not anymore. We were cruising down the road the other day and Jack hears some song. He says: "Hey Mom. Can you download that?" So- within two minutes the song is downloaded to my phone and playing in the car. Again: PATHETIC.

4. Videos. No need for fancy video recorders anymore. Hell- I just whip out my phone, take a quick video, upload to You Tube and link to my blog. All in a matter of minutes. It's amazing that just 8 short years ago when we got married we were still using video tapes to record. Times change fast.

5. Apps. Well- I could go on and on and on here. The Apps are ridiculous in and of themselves. Apps for this. Apps for that. The list is enormous. I really don't utilize many of them. Although- I am going to download an App that will give us wait times for rides while we are in Disney. (Yes- they make those).

6. Pictures. I take a lot of pictures with my real camera, obviously. But I also take some with my phone. The quality is terrible and I am hoping Apple with work on that. But-it's another way for me to record memories of my children. For instance:

Batting cages with Jack

College baseball game with family

Lots of pics in the car. Here's Ri being 'prissy' with her Sippy Cup

Outside Target (cell phone pic via Paa Paa)

Passed out in the golf cart

Minor league baseball game

Hiding from the big kids

Rufus the Bobcat at Jack's school

Big catch

Taking a pic for Poppy

Passed out again the car

Until next time....

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JLMattson said...

I agree on the iphone! There is an app for and all you do is drive down a street and click "find homes for sale" and it will bring up almost all homes for sale nearby.....was AWESOME in Cleveland! Also love calendar and use the syncing feature on Spring it my new (at Christmas) mac and iphone (a couple months ago).

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